Exceptional Health & Wellness Retreat Devon, U.K.

Since throwing open our Devon farmhouse doors in 2010 to launch our much heralded wellness retreat, we have won multiple awards. Our health retreat is a far cry from juice fast retreats, detox spas and weight loss boot camps. The aim of our 5 day award winning programme is to educate on the inherent value of prioritising your physical health and mental health in equal measure.

At Yeotown, we are inspired by shedding the weight of the being versus focusing solely on losing the weight of the body. Using a balanced mix of inspirational, challenging and fun activities with expert yet approachable session leaders, we will teach you how to take control of your own health. We believe fitness and eating is a lifelong journey of adapting exercise and eating habits to the events life throw at us. We believe that ultimately you must decide for yourself which foods and lifestyle habits are best for you.

Our flagship Yeotown Wellness Retreat is based in North Devon, one of the most picturesque, unspoilt areas of the UK. We are just 15 minutes from the wild, breath-taking Atlantic ocean, and the dramatic hills and valleys of Exmoor National Park. Click below for full programme details, accommodation options and prices.

Wellness Retreat

Island Chic Health & Wellness Retreat Madeira, Portugal

Yeotown Madeira is a new unique European wellness retreat space that utilizes a proven Mind + Body formula. We are Madeira’s first dedicated health retreat, and currently the only programme and set-up of its kind on both the island itself and mainland Portugal. Offering a copy-paste of the award winning programme curated over the last 14 years by our sister site in North Devon, England, we aim to help you achieve the levels of health, energy, joy and wellbeing you’ve been searching for.

Madeira is truly one of the most picturesque islands of the world. Our guests return time and again to enjoy breath-taking views of the Atlantic ocean, and explore world renown hikes through mountains, forests, valleys alongside rejuvenating mind and body with a swim under one of the island’s many cascading waterfalls, and natural pools.

Our boho-chic certified agriculture tourism hotel is the perfect backdrop for your next healthy holiday. Our 6 day/5 night programme runs all year round, every week from Monday to Saturday. We use our proven formula to help you achieve a high level of wellbeing by offering inspiring ways to take control of your mind and body; the added bonus of any weight loss is a side effect of our energising programme.

London Healthy Restaurants

Yeotown London Health Restaurant

Yeotown London offers up California inspired healthy, wholesome, colourful dishes with a spoonful of British sensibility. Although the majority of our offering is plant based, this is not ‘vegan junk food’ so to speak. It is nourishing, nutrient dense food for complete wellbeing. Our focus is on optimising energy and health through the food we eat. Alongside our plant-centric menu free from refined sugars, dairy, meat and gluten, our menus offer a couple of sustainable fish and free range egg options.

Located in London’s first “Wellbeing Hotel”, we currently have two sites in London serving up Yeotown’s much heralded healthy, delicious dishes found on our weekly Yeotox retreats in both Devon and Madeira. Our 1-2 Queen’s Gardens W2 location is a lovely Scandinavian designed restaurant and bar with private dining room and lounge. Our welcoming Sussex Gardens W2 eatery offers a seasonal, large outdoor terrace alongside a beautiful workshop/library space available for events, workshops and talks.

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Gift Certificates – Give the Gift of Health to your Loved Ones


If you are looking for a unique experience versus more things for that special someone, why not get in touch with us about our always popular Yeotown gift certificates for either our Devon or Madeira location.

Perhaps you know someone whose own needs are constantly being eclipsed by the needs of others, and deserving of a little time to take care of themselves for a change? Maybe a friend or loved one is battling back from ill health, burnout or long covid, and in desperate need of a kickstart towards optimal health and wellbeing? Perhaps you and some friends are looking to pool together to buy a special gift to support a mate who is going through a big life change and would benefit greatly from taking time out to regroup and get stronger in body and clearer in mind this coming year?

There are plenty of reasons to give the gift that truly keeps on giving. Please feel free to e-mail us at welcome@yeotown.com or ring on +44 (0) 1271 343 803 if you wish to purchase a gift certificate, or with any questions you may have.